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Social Media Marketing Tips You Can Use Today

Posted by admin at 04 Apr 2018

Social media marketing keeps getting harder. The burning questions entrepreneurs are asking: How do I reach my target audience? How do I get interaction on my business page? How do I stand out in the crowd? And more. 1. Double check graphic sizes before having your graphic designer create any graphics for your ads as

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How to Start a Website, a Guide for Novices

Posted by admin at 03 Apr 2018

Website design might seem like a dark art to many people, but learning how to start a website is relatively easy with the wealth of low-cost and free web hosting companies and web builder packages now available online. While small businesses and individuals may need to use professional web design services costing thousands of dollars,

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LinkedIn Goes All-In On Video Marketing

Posted by admin at 28 Mar 2018

Marketers and brands can now leverage video for Sponsored content and Company Pages, to reach their audiences on LinkedIn. Video has a proven track record of being the most efficient way to capture an audience’s attention on social media. LinkedIn made its first move a few months back, allowing users to share organic, native or

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3 easy but smart SEO wins to boost content and link-building efforts

Posted by admin at 27 Mar 2018

Don’t ignore the basic, everyday technical SEO issues that pop up when marketing a website, suggests contributor Jeremy Knauff. Take care of the fundamentals and you’ll see better SEO results. Are you looking for some smart and easy SEO wins in 2018? Who isn’t? This is a great time to knock down the cobwebs in

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The Best Resources for Learning Web Design

Posted by admin at 24 Mar 2018

These helpful online resources can help you learn and design your business’s website in no time. Any business that doesn’t have some sort presence on the internet is at a serious disadvantage, especially without an official website. While social media accounts are avenues for marketing and connecting with customers, websites are important because they establish

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Will Meta Descriptions Soon Go Extinct?

Posted by admin at 22 Mar 2018

Meta descriptions, as most marketers know, are HTML attributes that explain a webpage’s content with a relatively short summary. Until December 2017, that “short” summary was recommended to be only

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Three Ways To Balance Digital Marketing With Interpersonal Connections In The Age Of Tech

Posted by admin at 20 Mar 2018

The communications technology that has rapidly advanced the way the global market connects has also driven a strong separation between us when it comes to interpersonal relationships. Email blasts are sent to thousands of people, vying to grab viewers’ attention and create calls to action. But so often these tactics fall flat through no fault

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The ongoing evolution of SEO content

Posted by admin at 16 Mar 2018

Like many other areas of digital marketing, SEO content has evolved a great deal over the last two decades. As search engines get smarter and algorithms get tougher, content has had to adapt in order for pages and websites to continue ranking in the SERPs. Many websites that previously enjoyed top positions have found themselves

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6 Ways to Use Instagram Marketing for Your Business

Posted by admin at 15 Mar 2018

Depending on your audience, Instagram marketing is a great way to get the word out about your business. As someone who loves Instagram for both personal and business reasons, it’s also a lot of fun. Over the past couple of years, I’ve grown my Instagram following from 700 followers to over 13,500 followers. I’ve also

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Facebook’s News Feed is a lot of things, but these days, it’s rarely inspirational.

Posted by admin at 14 Mar 2018

With 2.13 billion monthly users, Facebook has more reach than any other social network, but it’s not the best option for consumers to get ideas and enjoy visually pleasing experiences. In recent years, Pinterest and Instagram have filled that void. The visual nature of Pinterest and Instagram puts more focus on imagery and style. They’re

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