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7 Ways To Use Social Media Marketing To Grow An Email List

Posted by admin at 13 Mar 2018

Want to boost your company’s exposure? Here are seven ways to build and grow your email list using social media. When Facebook opened to the public in September of 2006, few could have predicted the behemoth that social media would become. Forerunners like MySpace and Bebo succumbed to the usability and simplicity of the Facebook

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The Future Is Digital, but Most Marketers Overlook the Value in Human Connection

Posted by admin at 10 Mar 2018

As marketers, we know the oldest, most basic form of brand marketing is also the most powerful: word of mouth. In spite of highly advanced digital marketing tools, massive amounts of data and infinite ways to connect directly with our audiences, it’s more important than ever for brands to endemically infiltrate the conversations of consumers

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Website Design And Development Guidelines For 2018

Posted by admin at 07 Mar 2018

In today’s global marketplace, it’s not enough to just have a digital presence. To capitalize on opportunity and captivate real, live, human readers, an optimized, functional, interactive website is a must. Unfortunately, the Internet is swarming with poor website designs that miss both the technical and content mark. Worse yet, clients and developers alike continuously

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Four Ways To Use Social Media To Your SEO Advantage

Posted by admin at 06 Mar 2018

Think SEO and social aren’t related? Think again. Good social media marketing leads consumers to a website; good SEO practices help consumers to find that website and to stay engaged with it. Want your own results? Here are four ways to leverage social media for SEO: 1. Get the right followers. Followers on social media

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The First 5 Things You Should Learn In SEO

Posted by admin at 03 Mar 2018

When you first enter the world of search engine optimization (SEO), you may feel intimidated at the sheer volume of things to learn. You know that many professional optimizers have been in the game for over a decade, constantly learning new things as Google comes out with new updates. Obviously, there’s a learning curve to

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Facebook to remove estimate of 20 metrics to ‘help brands focus’

Posted by admin at 27 Feb 2018

Facebook has revealed that it would be removing an estimate of around 20 metrics to help brands focus on which are the more “meaningful ones”. Meanwhile, it has introduced new labels to some of its metrics in a bid to show how they are calculated, along with a program to help educate marketers more broadly

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How to Manage Social Media Marketing for Multiple Clients Effortlessly

Posted by admin at 21 Feb 2018

Agency marketers have a tough time managing multiple clients. Clients have specific requirements and requests for content, publishing and even analytics for that matter. Many clients have last-minute requests and issues with created content. And some clients fail to communicate their needs entirely. When managing relationships with diverse clients, it’s helpful to not have to

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6 Reasons why your website may look unprofessional

Posted by admin at 19 Feb 2018

Designing your own website may be a good idea when you have a limited budget. When your business starts making money, you can hire a web designer and then you are capable to focus on the crucial things. You were considering this, right? However, the design is much more important than you can imagine, especially

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Top Social Media Marketing Hacks for 2018

Posted by admin at 10 Feb 2018

Top Social Media Marketing Hacks for 2018 With statistics suggesting that more than 65 million businesses have a Facebook business page and there being over 3.03 billion active Social Media users, both businesses and consumers benefit. Social Media Marketing is unceasingly proving to be successful and it has given traditional advertising a run for its

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5 Useful Content Marketing Tools

Posted by admin at 29 Dec 2017

In order to be efficient in content marketing, you need to know what tools to pick. There are several tools you can use that will help your business with promotion, marketing, management and creating content.   It is essential to select the right tools as it can make your life a lot easier. Below are

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