Testimonial 4

Mr. Rahul Saxena and his team of professionals designed and launched the website for my law firm. I am very excited with the results of their hard work and dedication, and would recommend anyone to use their services.

I personally have very little knowledge with regards to website development and the procedures that go into building a website. Rahul took all of the stress and anxiety away as he kept me updated each step of the way. When I first met Rahul, he evaluated and assessed my needs and came up with a plan that would work for me and my needs. As he designed my website, he would periodically send drafts and would ask for my feedback so that any changes could be made early on.

Once the website was completed, he guided me through how to check how much traffic was accessing my website and made sure that I knew how to create and post blogs. Let me also add that I had a very tight deadline to have my website completed as I had advertisements that would be run in the newspapers. Again, Rahul assured me that the website would be completed in plenty enough time so that prospective clients could visit my website and find the information they sought.

I do not hesitate at all in giving high recommendations and high praises to Rahul and his team. I have already told several people of his services and have suggested they use him for the internet marketing needs. I welcome anyone considering using Rahul’s services to visit my website – www.theperrylawfirmllc.com. Of course, I also welcome anyone to contact me should they have questions.

I look forward to using Rahul in the future to help me continue marketing my law firm.

Filled Under: Posted on: June 14, 2016